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White collar crime is the category for acts of financial theft involving business, corporate, or government officials. In today’s uncertain economic climate, Georgia prosecutors are aggressively investigating any suspected white collar criminals. If you have been arrested for a white collar crime or know that you are being investigated for one in the Atlanta area, contact the Atlanta criminal attorney before you make any more moves.

An act of white collar crime could be:

Our Atlanta Criminal Lawyer Provides Sound Legal Counsel

If you are involved in a white collar criminal case, seek legal counsel before doing anything else. Many convictions for white collar crimes may not have occurred had these individuals appointed an experienced attorney from the very beginning of their legal troubles. Some people try to fix their problems themselves or work with investigators alone, but this can oftentimes result in the exact opposite of “clearing” their good name. .

A conviction for a white collar crime in the state of Georgia could result in time served in jail or prison, tax audits, loss of professional licenses, huge fines, and many other punishments.

The Atlanta criminal attorney understands exactly what is at stake in any white collar criminal case—your professional reputation, your social standing, and your freedom. We work with clients to not only keep them out of prison, but to repair their personal and professional lives as well.

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