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American weapons laws can be incredibly complicated and confusing. As Americans we do have the right to bear arms as protected by the Second Amendment; however legislators are constantly attempting to update weapons restrictions to protect the people of the commonwealth. And sometimes in the middle of this confusion, ordinary citizens find themselves in trouble with the law. If you or your loved one is facing a weapons charge in the Atlanta area, contact the Atlanta criminal attorney to provide legal counsel.

Under Georgia state law, it is illegal to:

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Parents are allowed to supervise minors with firearms if the firearm is being used in the context of a legitimate activity such as hunting. The steps to proceed in a weapons charges case depend on the specifics of the individual case.

Some clients may have accidentally broken the law. Others may be facing a weapons charge in addition to the charge for another crime (which please note is an enhanceable offense.) In any case, if you are facing a weapons charge, you need the most experienced attorney with a full working knowledge of Georgia’s seeming complicated and endless weapons laws.

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