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A felony charge is the most serious charge an individual can ever face. A misdemeanor crime can be bumped up to a felony if a firearm was present during the crime or if the crime was particularly violent in nature. If you or your loved one is facing a felony charge in the Atlanta area, contact the Atlanta criminal attorney as soon as possible.

Our legal team has many years of experience defending all types of felony cases such as:

Being convicted of a felony in the state of Georgia is serious business. A convicted felon will face a minimum of one year in prison, years of probation, fines exceeding that of $1000, and the loss of civil liberties such as the right to vote, own a firearm, and the right to work in certain fields.

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At the law offices of the Atlanta criminal attorney, we believe that the best felony defense is an aggressive offense. We will investigate every single detail of an individual case to determine if the charges are valid and if law enforcement officials made any mistake in protocol. We will attempt to dismiss any corrupt evidence and evaluate all witness testimony for holes or inconsistencies. In those cases were a felony conviction is likely to be handed down, the Atlanta criminal attorney will work night and day to negotiate the best sentence possible for a client.

If you are facing a criminal felony charge in the Atlanta area, contact the law offices of the Atlanta criminal attorney today to begin your case.