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Atlanta Juvenile DUI Attorney

Atlanta DUI charges are no laughing matter, especially when the offender in question is a juvenile.  Juvenile criminal cases can negatively affect a young person’s life for many years.  If your child has been accused of any type of crime, it is very important that you appoint an Atlanta criminal lawyer to protect their rights as soon as possible after their arrest.

With juvenile DUI cases, the charges are generally filed as misdemeanors.  For a first or second offense, the sentence can include:

A first-time DUI conviction generally results in a $300 fine and imprisonment of around 10 days in length.  The juvenile’s license will be suspended for 12 months, and they will not be eligible for a hardship license.  If their tested BAC level was below .08%, they may apply for a full license reinstatement after 6 months of probation.

At the law offices of the leading Atlanta DUI attorney, our goal in any juvenile DUI case is to get a client as little punishment as possible while assisting them in making better choices as they proceed into their adult lives.  Our legal team is also dedicated to protecting the juvenile’s rights at every step. In Georgia, police officers are required to inform the juvenile of implied consent laws prior to making an arrest.  In cases where this does not happen, our Atlanta DUI attorney will file for the suppression of any unlawfully collected evidence, which may result in an automatic case dismissal.

If your juvenile is facing a DUI charge in the Atlanta area, contact the Atlanta DUI attorney as soon as possible.