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Atlanta Probation Violations Lawyer

A violation of probation is basically a request to the court to rescind its offer of freedom. If you or your loved one has violated the terms of their probation, contact the Atlanta criminal attorney as soon as possible.

A violation of probation could occur in a number of forms, some intentional while others by accident:

Our Atlanta Criminal Lawyer Can Help Keep You Out of Jail

After your probation officer notifies the court of your suspected probation violation, a hearing will be called. This is the opportunity for the prosecution to prove that you violated your probation and deserve to be dealt with accordingly. It is also your Atlanta criminal attorney’s shot at keeping you out of any more trouble. In order to convict someone of a probation violation, the prosecution must prove that you in fact violated your probation with the use of evidence. No evidence or arbitrary evidence equates to a very weak case.

The Atlanta criminal attorney has many years of experience keeping probate offenders out of jail. Even if a client did violate their probation, jail alternatives such as additional terms of probation or a lengthened period of probation can be negotiated.

If you or your loved one violated has violated their probation, contact the law offices of the Atlanta criminal attorney to discuss your case today.