Atlanta Criminal Attorney

Atlanta Criminal Expungement Lawyer

Having a criminal conviction on your record impacts your life in more ways than one.  As many convicted offenders have come to find out, even a conviction for a simple misdemeanor theft crime can make it difficult to move on in life.

Many convicted offenders face challenges in finding a job, getting an education, becoming a member of professional or social organizations, and even finding housing due to their criminal record.  If this sounds familiar to your situation as a convicted criminal offender, our Atlanta criminal attorney may be able to help you expunge your record.

Criminal expungement is essentially a wiping clean of your criminal record. This means that any employers and other individuals that wish to run a background check on you will not see your record. No one but law enforcement officials will be able to see your conviction.

There are limitations to who can receive a criminal expungement, so you need to contact an Atlanta criminal lawyer as soon as possible to determine if and when you can receive one.

People make mistakes.  If you have been convicted of a crime, you owe it to yourself to protect your future as much as you can. But to do so, you need the most experienced attorney with a full working knowledge of Georgia’s criminal laws.

Contact the Atlanta criminal attorney today to your criminal expungement case.