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Atlanta Misdemeanors Attorney

A misdemeanor crime is the lowest classification of crime an individual can face. A misdemeanor could be an act of disorderly conduct or a case of simple assault. Irregardless of the specific misdemeanor you or your loved one may be facing, contact the Atlanta criminal attorney to represent you today.

Many people attempt to represent themselves in their misdemeanor cases. While any citizen is completely within his rights to represent his own case, it is inadvisable to do so for a number of reasons.

First, an Atlanta-based criminal attorney will have a much more substantial knowledge of how to work with the Atlanta justice system. It is not uncommon for a good lawyer to sometimes get a client’s charges lessened or dropped all together.

If a conviction is reached for a misdemeanor crime, an offender will face up to one year in jail or one year of probation, fines of up to $1000 (and sometimes more), mandatory classes or some other form of counseling, hours of community service, and more serious consequences such as travel restrictions, and the waiving of their rights against unreasonable search and seizure. Misdemeanor drunk driving cases can also result in the loss of a driver’s license.

Do you really want to face these consequences in a court room alone? Remember that even just one misdemeanor crime conviction will begin a public criminal record. If a conviction is reached in your case, you will forever have to answer ‘yes’ to that prior conviction question on your employment applications.

If you are facing a misdemeanor charge, the Atlanta criminal attorney can help. Contact us today for an immediate consultation.