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Robbery is a form of theft that is violent in nature. It is usually considered a felony, and will be prosecuted as such. If you are facing a robbery charge in the Atlanta area, it is important to appoint legal counsel as soon as possible.

Georgia state law indicates that robbery is any act of theft carried out by:

Our Atlanta Criminal Attorney Can Help You Avoid Harsh Consequences

The punishment for a robbery crime depends on the specifics of the case. Generally speaking an act of robbery is punishable by up to 20 years in prison, as deemed appropriate by a judge. If the defendant is 65 years or older, the punishment ranges from 5-20 years.

Armed robbery, or where the act of robbery was committed with the use of a weapon, carries very strict punishments under Georgia state law. A conviction for armed robbery will receive no less than 10 years in prison without eligibility for early release. If the jury finds the defendant guilty of armed robbery with the specific intent to harm others, the minimum sentence is 15 years in prison. And in the case of injuries or deaths during the armed robbery, the defendant can receive life in prison or the death penalty.

In order to minimize the amount of punishment you will receive, appoint the best Atlanta criminal defense attorney possible. We have years of experience working with judges and prosecutors to negotiate charges and sentences for our clients.

Even if your robbery crime was of an extremely violent nature, we can help. Contact the Atlanta criminal attorney today.