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In September 2010, a Macon bank teller was convicted of embezzling over $600,000 from the credit union she worked for. She falsified bank records and attempted to cover up her tracks, but was caught and now faces up to 30 years in prison and $1 million dollars in fines.

This woman did everything wrong. After committing the crime she tried to fix the situation herself, without appointing legal counsel. And now her life and the lives of her family members will never be the same. If you or your loved one has committed the crime of embezzlement or is under investigation for doing so, contact the Atlanta criminal attorney immediately.

Embezzlement is the official legal term for employee theft. And as you can see from the real world example above, is not dealt with too kindly in the state of Georgia. Even if a person steals a few hundred dollars or pays for personal expenses with a company credit card, this is an act of embezzlement.

Protect Your Professional and Personal Life wih the Help of an Atlanta Criminal Lawyer

Even a mere charge of embezzlement can negatively affect a person’s professional standing. Who wants to hire or work with a liar and a thief? At the law offices of the Atlanta criminal attorney, we work with our clients to not just represent their criminal cases, but to help them repair their personal and professional lives as well.

The truth about most embezzlement cases is that they do not usually end in jail time. Most accusers are willing to barter out of court to have whatever money or the value of goods stolen returned to them. Even if you stole large sums of money, we can help.

If you believe that you have possibly committed the crime of embezzlement, contact the law offices of the Atlanta criminal attorney for an immediate consultation.